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Company purchases new VUTEk H2000 from CMYUK to service high-end installations.

Allprint Display invested in a new EFI VUTEk H2000 hybrid printer from CMYUK in November 2015Allprint Display invested in a new EFI VUTEk H2000 hybrid printer from CMYUK in November 2015

UK based Allprint Display Ltd, a full service print provider, installed a new EFI VUTEk H2000 hybrid printer from wide format specialists CMYUK in November 2015. The investment was made to cater for high-end installations, and the company is describing the impact on its business as “amazing.”

Allprint started out as a family-run screen printer 25 years ago, and gradually moved into digital print. The company has always had a strategy which, over the years, has seen it adapting to the market and investing for the future.

Director James Daldy, of the Northamptonshire Company said:

“We needed a new printer to work in particular on our high end retail POS jobs where the images have to be of a very high quality – for example, backlit installations for cosmetics companies.

“We looked at several options and chose the H2000 as we were very happy with our other two VUTEk printers and knew the quality we would be getting. The installation process and training was also first class from both EFI and CMYUK.

“The H2000 ticks a lot of boxes for us, with the greyscale technology specifically being a big plus as the image quality is as good if not better than that we have seen on any printer, and the production speeds mean we can take on more demanding jobs.

“The impact has been amazing in the three months the printer has been installed; we have already completed several large orders that we would not have been able to produce before.

“Existing clients have also commented on the image quality that the H2000 produces, which has led to further opportunities. Lead times have also been cut as this machine is three times quicker than our previous flatbed.

“And as well as the high end work we’re producing on the H2000, the fast production speeds mean we can use the machine for virtually any application, including self -adhesive vinyl or production runs of Foamex and Dibond.”

Robin East, Director at CMYUK added: “The six-colour H2000 with UltraDrop Technology is perfect for the high end work that Allprint want it to focus on.

“It offers single-pass, multilayer print capability with high apparent resolution and high-definition quality that gives outstanding smoothness in shadows, gradients and transitions. The dual white ink channel configuration also supports production of more premium-margin applications.”

Daldy continued:

“Ever since the first investment in a flatbed digital press the original company has grown and has changed completely. Screen print has gone and we are now just purely digital, servicing clients up and down the country as well as locally. Even though the company has grown we still hold the same values of service and quality.

“We also recently introduced small format digital to our offering, which has been well received. With this and the new VUTEk, we feel we are in a good position for continued growth over the next 12 months.”

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