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Commercial and large format services provided at one-stop-shop

McGowans Print Ltd has continued to grow its business using HP digital printing technologies, enabling it to offer innovative commercial and large format printing services to its customers.

HP-Indigo-7500-Digital-PressHP-Indigo-7500-Digital-PressThe company’s client base spans many market sectors including design and advertising agencies, financial and governmental organisations and the retail market. It operates two HP Indigo 5500s and an HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press for general commercial print, which makes up 30 per cent of its work.

One of the aspects that make McGowans stand out from its competitors is the company’s passion for technology. Throughout the years it has steadily invested in the best equipment available on the market to ensure it can provide innovative solutions as well as ensuring quality, reliability and competitively priced products for its customers.

Mal McGowan, managing director of McGowans Print Ltd said:

"Commercial print was hit hard by the current economic situation. However, because of our digital capabilities and the ability to do shorter print runs, our business is holding up and growing. The demand for targeted marketing materials has increased, and there has been a steady growth in personalisation in print. When the market is in recession, this ability to be flexible enables us to keep our existing customers happy and attract new customers. Digital printing is the answer."

McGowans has also recently expanded, adding a production facility in Belfast and a sales office in London to its existing 60,000 square foot facility in Dublin, where the company currently employs 70 people.

With the HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press, McGowans utilises the optional Thick Substrate Kit to print on materials up to 400 g/m2/460 microns. The retail market, one of their main customer groups, benefits from the company’s ability to print on non-tear paper. McGowans also uses web-to-print services to fulfil orders for established brands.

The HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press can print up to 120 A4 pages per minute and supports a wide variety of substrates, including coated and uncoated, and specialty media, such as plastic papers. It also has a white ink option which can be used on transparent, metallic and coloured media.

As well as the three HP Indigo Digital Presses, McGowans has several large format printers including an HP Scitex TJ8300 Industrial Press, HP Scitex LX800, HP Scitex LX600 Industrial Latex Printers and an HP Scitex FB7500 Industrial Press. Both HP Latex Ink printers enable the company to offer indoor and outdoor applications, POP displays, vehicle wraps as well as attracting environmentally conscious customers.

McGowans has a full turnkey solution which has contributed to the company's growth. Its suite of products enables printing on anything from business cards up to a building wrap which means it can provide a ‘one stop shop’ for customers of all sizes.

McGowan added:

"There has been considerable growth in digital commercial print due to a reduction in print-run lengths, and with faster and more cost-effective machines being developed this market will continue to grow. We have been enthusiastic about HP for a long time since purchasing our first Indigo back in 1994 and we know that HP products will continue to help us meet the latest demands of our customers."

McGowans has also installed the first Scodix S74 in Ireland, to complement its digital offering and add value to products.

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