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ColorBooster DS-320, 3.2m double-sided textile printer added to portfolio.

The ColorBooster DS-320 prints double-sided applicationsThe ColorBooster DS-320 prints double-sided applicationsDutch based Hollanders has announced the world-wide availability of its innovative double-sided system developed for companies that need to be able to produce duplexed applications in a single pass. Designated the ColorBooster DS-320, the company said that the machine is the first of its kind to print simultaneously onto both sides of the media with either the same or a different image, making it ideal for the production of flags, banners and front- and back-lit displays.

The ColorBooster DS-320 uses high energy disperse inks to deliver excellent gamut and vibrant results, and is suitable for printing direct to spun polyesters, flags and banner materials. Constructed to the extremely high standards, this double-sided system incorporates two print engines and an integrated fixation unit. It has been designed for industrial-level production in 24/7 working environments where unattended operation is desired.

Hollanders maintain the new machine offers consistently high quality results with excellent UV resistance, in duplex mode it said, throughput speeds of up to 72 m2/hour can be achieved. The ColorBooster DS-320 also includes on-board climate control so that operation is not affected by the ambient environment or fluctuating external temperatures, and it has full remote support.

“The textile printing market has become ever more demanding and we have been able to address higher productivity and greater versatility with the new ColorBooster DS-320,” stated Roland Biemans, marketing and communications manager at Hollanders Printing Systems. “Double-sided applications have been time consuming and labour intensive until now, but the arrival of this new machine means that anyone needing to print direct to both sides of the media can now achieve this as an automated process. This opens new doors to flag and banner specialists, and simplifies the generation of front- and back-lit posters and displays.”

The ColorBooster DS-320 is the newest addition to the growing portfolio of digital textile printers and finishing solutions manufactured by Hollanders. The flagship 3.2m ColorBooster XL is also joined by the recently introduced 2.5m entry-level ColorBooster 250 which will be making its international début at SGIA Expo in Orlando.

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