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Interested visitors watch the experts in actionInterested visitors watch the experts in action

The original car in the background with part of the new colour wrap in fronThe original car in the background with part of the new colour wrap in fron
Avery Applicators applying the new light blue Supreme Wrap film to the V. PassattAvery Applicators applying the new light blue Supreme Wrap film to the V. Passatt
Avery Applicators Hard at WorkAvery Applicators Hard at Work
David Ryan organiser of Print Solutions Open DaysDavid Ryan organiser of Print Solutions Open Days
Interested visitor watches Avery Applicator at work Interested visitor watches Avery Applicator at work
Print Solutions Open Days 27-28th March 2012Print Solutions Open Days 27-28th March 2012

In March, Print Solutions ran a two-day event at its premises in the Western Industrial Estate, Dublin 12, with Avery Dennison. The purpose was to demonstrate car wrapping techniques and also to launch Avery's Supreme Wrapping Film.

Three vehicles two professional Avery applicators, video footage backdrops and loads of stock discounts were available to visitors each day.

Liam Hannon, technical specification specialist, Avery, was on hand to oversee and advise on proceedings and said:  “I’m part of Avery Dennison technical support services in the UK and Ireland and also for Rail (trains/trams) in Europe. My job basically is to offer technical support, instruction to Avery customers. We are not in the business of just selling vinyls where people may struggle with application or other problems. Avery has services where we assist people through the entire process. So if they require training on application, workshops or support for end users we can provide all these. One reason I am here is to assist two professional Avery Network applicators who are demonstrating various car wrapping techniques.”

A highlight of the event was the launch by Print Solutions of Avery’s new top of the range Supreme Wrapping Film.

“It’s an 80 micron dual cast layered film,” Hannon said. “That’s made up of 50 micron of cast solid colour with a further 30 micron of transparent cast on top. So the new wrapping film is dual cast. This gives the product a really good gloss level, makes it much easier to handle at 80 microns than a normal 50 micron grade, gives a superb finish and it has dirt repellent film characteristics which makes it ‘self cleaning’.”

Avery terms the new film ‘EARS’ which in layman’s terms means “easy apply, repositionable and slidable”. The film also has an air aggress system which allows air bubbles to escape through micro channels in the adhesive.

Hannon added that Avery believed it was the only film in the marketplace with a horizontal warranty. In other words, the warranty extends to bonnets and roofs which have horizontal exposure to much more sunlight than any other part of a vehicle.

The Avery film also boasts an impressive durability lifespan. Black and white is 12 years; colours are 10 years and six years for metallic.

Central to the two-day event was the car wrapping demonstration by Avery specialist applicators. This involved altering the colour of a Volkswagen Passat from its original dark blue shade to a light blue colour using a metallic film from the new Avery Supreme Wrapping Film range. During the process Avery applicators offered visitors tips and advice on wrapping as well as highlighting special features of the new range.

Ian Scouler, director, Print Solutions, said: “The new film is the very top of the range,” he said. “It comes in a very wide range of solid colours, metallic, as well as matt finishes. It’s unique in that it’s very easy to use. A lot of easy apply vinyls are repositionable but once you lay the squeegee across the vinyl it can’t be moved any more. With Avery Supreme Wrapping Film, you can reposition it, squeegee it, if you’re not happy, lift it, reposition again, and squeegee it again until you’re happy. This cuts production time because mistakes are virtually eliminated as well as wastage. It’s also more forgiving and easy to use for the more unskilled wrapper.”

Although the event showcased the new Avery wrapping film Scouler said Print Solutions also used the event to promote a range of Avery vinyls from the very top to standard vinyls.

“That’s why we are using different cars with different vinyls being applied to them to highlight the uniqueness of the different products,” he added. “It’s also worth pointing out that any tool or accessory that a sign maker actually uses for work like this we stock it.”

The two-day project was organised entirely by David Ryan, an account manager at Print Solutions.

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