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5 Counties Cycle Challenge 20125 Counties Cycle Challenge 2012

Versatility the key to maintaining business

Do Run RunDo Run RunBased in Cormaddyduff, Virginia, Cavan, Margy Nulty runs Wizard Signs Ltd, a veritable one women signage show. The company is celebrating its 20th year in business this year and is busy with promotional work for charity cycle runs such as the five county cycle challenge 2012 and local festivals which are dotted around the area at this time of the year.

Nulty swears by her 30 inch VersaCAMM which she says is great for promotional work.

“Apart from signs and general promotional printing I now do t-shirt printing and produce flags on the machine as well,” she said. “There are some new materials available such as colour cut, which allows me to print and then heat press onto a flag or t-shirt. It offers high colour resolution transfers for cotton and polyester and it’s perfect for sportswear and work wear “

Wizard Signs has retained customer loyalty down through the years even with increased competition.

“I’m also competitive and not afraid to try out new ideas to help customers,” added Nulty. “Nowadays you have to be diverse and at the moment I am trying to promote t-shirt printing because it’s so personal. With the way I produce them they will wear well and last well. Before, they were produced using a different process, sublimation printing, but the colour faded quickly and it didn’t have white as an option. They also looked like a transfer or patch.”

Nulty loves the versatility that the VersaCAMM gives her.

“I’m not just stuck with doing the promotional work, “she continued. “I can print a logo and put in on someone’s van, or print their logo and put in onto their t-shirt.

After 20 years Wizard Signs now concentrates on promotional work, labels for plant hire machinery and vans, t-shirt printing, safety stickers, and banners.

Back to BackBack to BackNulty summed up by saying:

“The beauty of this business is that each day you don’t know what you are going to be doing. The other great thing is that I’m dealing directly with the customer. There is no middle man involved. “

Tel: 00353 (0) 49 8548239

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