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Time to get Moving with Lenticulars

lenticulars from Horizonlenticulars from Horizon

Have you seen the quality of the lenticulars we've been producing recently? As with all technology, Lenticulars are moving forward in leaps and bounds! They look amazing and make an instant impression on consumers. So if the last time you checked them out was when they first hit the industry, then we highly recommend you have a look again!

Lenticulars are printed on transparent material with lenses. By using wide or narrow angle lenses, the illusion of depth, movement and 3D can be obtained.

We can print any piece from a minimum size of A5 (210 x 297mm) to a max size of a 6 sheet (1200 x 1800mm).

There are three lenticular options we offer:

  • The flip effect combines two or more very different images. The image changes from one to the other as the angle of observation changes
  • The animation effect is composed of various sequential images that show small differences between one image and the next
  • The layered 3D effect consists of creating an illusion of depth from various independent objects separated in layers

Here's a recent animation effect job we did with Charterhouse for Heineken's Tiger Beer. Worked perfectly into their recent campaign 'Uncage Originals' - the tigers literally break out from the beer and leap out across the 6 sheet adshel. It really brings the message home to the consumer in a completely original way!


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