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Two formats will cover wide range of label and general packaging applications.

CRON HDI Flexo units are available in two formats - 900mm for label applications and 1600mm for general packaging workCRON HDI Flexo units are available in two formats - 900mm for label applications and 1600mm for general packaging work

CRON, a company which provides integrated digital prepress technologies such as CTP solutions, precision offset plates, and integrated prepress peripherals, will demonstrate an important diversification into flexo packaging and labels on its stand in Hall 5 at drupa 2016 when it showcases high performance flexo CTP solutions.

The new CRON flexo CTP concept was initially shown as a prototype at Label Expo and has now evolved into two commercially available products, both of which are being marketed as highly competitive in price/performance.

The new CRON HDI Flexo units are available in two formats: 900mm for label applications and 1600mm for general packaging work. Both are compatible with all digital photopolymer plates, ablative films and polyester-based letterpress plates.

There are two versions of each model available to enable users to tune production to their particular needs. "S" variants have a maximum resolution of 5080 dpi as standard and an exposure speed of 1.3 m2/h. "H" variants have a maximum resolution of 9600 dpi and a speed of 3.2 m2/h. The exposure platform has been adapted from CRON's latest magnetic linear drive system which has gone down well in the offset CTP market due to its ability to image accurate and high quality dots from 1-99 per cent. This system provides near fault-free imaging across all resolutions to deliver precision output of fine details, and flexo plates which easily compete with offset quality when printed.

To reduce plate waste, HDI Flexo platesetters have a special laser guided system for plate positioning and automatic loading. There is also an option for partial imaging or four-colour mixed-separation output to improve imaging efficiency and reduce plate costs. These options work seamlessly with all professional flexo workflows through a simple-to-use GUI.

As the flexo plate exposure is an ablative process, all HDI Flexo units are fitted with high volume suction fans to safely remove dust particles to an onboard sealed storage system, a nice feature which eliminates any potential contaminants. 

Mike Xiang, CRON CEO and Founder, commented,

"Having established a worldwide population of cost-effective, high performance CTP solutions for offset, mainly used in commercial and newspaper printing, we wanted to bring similar benefits to packaging printers. Using our latest, state-of-the-art imaging platform, our HDI Flexo platesetters will improve quality and turnaround times while saving resources and costs. These are the hallmarks of CRON's philosophy for product design which can now be enjoyed by packaging and label printers worldwide." 

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