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Roland loyalty continues for Complete Sign Solutions.

Complete Sign SolutionsComplete Sign SolutionsUK, Camberley based manufacturer and supplier of bespoke signage, Complete Sign Solutions, has completely transformed the production side of its business over the last 18 months following a sizeable investment in not one, but two Roland XR-640s.

“The very first printer we bought was a 2nd user Roland, this was approximately 12 years ago, which paid for itself within just 2 months! I’ve had a Roland ever since,” explained Alister Campbell, MD of Complete Sign Solutions.

The company has been operating in the signage industry for well over a decade, yet, with the evolving needs of a signage company brings with it the requirement for printers to both satisfy and diversify its customer base.

In 2012, Complete Sign Solutions were looking, once again, to see how they could next adapt, and what technology might wet their appetite for another step up the ladder. Enter Roland and the next generation of the SolJet.

Back in September of that year, with much anticipation from the industry, Roland announced the launch of its fastest and widest Roland SolJet to date; the Pro 4 XR-640.

Not only did Roland impress the market with speed but also with the introduction of the new Eco-Sol Max 2 inks, offering greater density, vibrancy and more colour accuracy than ever before.

As soon as the printer was announced, Complete Sign Solutions instantly recognised the user benefits along with the wall mural sized hole it could fill within its business.

“We were looking at print technology that would allow us to not only fulfil wider print orders but also enable us to produce more wall art at higher quality”, added Campbell.

Roland SolJet Pro 4 XR-640Roland SolJet Pro 4 XR-640Following a demonstration with Roland Authorised Dealer, printMAX, the printer sold itself. “The ability to print white, along with the consistency of colour was fantastic, “he continued.” We were able to produce some really high quality wall coverings at a much higher production rate than ever before!”

The roll feed take-up system also provided the company with the ability to leave it to print, whilst getting onto other jobs, a highly practical feature, where in a print room, the ability to multi-task is always a key factor.

“We had a great experience with the XR-640 from printMAX, they were great at working to our time frame which enabled us to get printing asap!”

However, Campbell and the team at Complete Sign Solutions had a problem in that they felt the Roland XR-640 was so good, nothing else would ever live up to it.

“We had a latex which was a great printer, unfortunately the colour consistency and speed really let us down”, he said. “Our latex took a good 30 minutes to turn on where as our XR-640 would be switched on and ready to go!”

This lead the team to ask themselves the question; ‘what printer is as good as our Roland SolJet?’ They came to the simple conclusion, another XR!

“We soon realised that with another XR-640 our production times and consistency would be second to none, so we headed back to printMAX,” said Campbell. “The guys there have always been reliable and flexible so without question we went back for a second machine.”

18 months down the line, Complete Sign Solutions is producing more wall art than ever before and are more than happy with the latest Roland investments.

“We are extremely impressed with both the Roland XR-640’s but also the service and response from printMAX. The printers have transformed our business and I can heartily recommend both the Roland XR-640 and printMAX to anyone looking to diversify.”

For more information on the Roland SolJet Pro 4 XR-640 please visit: or alternatively call printMAX on 0044 (0) 1420 5115390044 (0) 1420 511539.

To find out more about Complete Sign Solutions and their work, please visit:

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