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Designed for Semi-porous Substrates
in Industrial Applications.

The new HP Black 2570 Print CartridgeThe new HP Black 2570 Print CartridgeHP has introduced a new print cartridge for printing on semi porous and some non-porous substrates. It stated that the new ink is fast drying and is aimed at products such as identification coding and marking, mail addressing and variable data imprinting.

The new HP Black 2570 Print Cartridge with HP solvent ink is sold to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for use in their industrial printing platforms.

HP highlighted some of the benefits of the new product which include:

•        Ability to address applications requiring printing on semi porous and some non- porous substrates,

•        Increased productivity with fast dry times and a long decap that reduces         maintenance between jobs,

•        More prints compared to aqueous-based print cartridges due to smaller drop    volume.

One feature of the new cartridge which HP said is important is that it can be left uncapped for extended periods of time without requiring maintenance enabling intermittent industrial printing, immediate start-up and limited printhead servicing between print jobs. It also pointed to the quick dry time which will minimizes the need for dryer assistance, lowering overhead costs.

With a smaller drop volume, less ink is needed to print with high optical density for text printing such as lot codes as well as two-dimensional barcodes on food and pharmaceutical packaging.

“The HP 2570 cartridge enables manufacturers to print small text and 2D barcodes on some non-porous substrates,” said Kathy Tobin, vice president and general manager, Specialty Printing Systems, HP. “OEMs can now print on a broader range of substrates, allowing them to expand into new application areas and grow their business.”

Portfolio of Inks

HP also announced the availability of the HP Black 2531 Dye Print Cartridge which it claims is a low maintenance solution that provides a long decap time for intermittent printing of product identification coding and marking. The HP Black 2531 Dye Print Cartridge prints with a resolution of up to 600 dpi on uncoated, porous substrates used in pharmaceutical and food packaging applications.

Additional information about the new HP Black 2570 Print Cartridge, HP Black 2531 Dye Print Cartridge and other HP specialty printing supplies is available at

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