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Phil Lynott. 

A Very Personal Story. 


Phil LynnottPhil Lynnott Philomena Lynott with statue of PhilPhilomena Lynott with statue of Phil

Well folks where do I start. Bob Tallent, co-publisher of DPNlive threatened me with all sorts of things if I did not write a little bit about a very special man I knew since childhood and from my own music career, the late always great Phil Lynott.

As a friend when living, I only had to ask him for help if something came up for charity or the poor and he was right on it with free gigs etc. Now I can’t say the same for some other of the more famous people in the business that had the nerve to ask for fees. How mean could you be?

Lots of people knew Phil on a friendly basis and claimed to be his friend. However they were not to be seen when he was in trouble. Some other so called friends even brought him in to difficulty, which he admitted himself to me on one of our many walks on Sutton beach in Dublin. One incidence in particular occurred when he was in hospital in England towards the end of his life.  I was by his side a lot in those days and even caught a drug dealer bringing him a heroine filled syringe to the hospital, but thankfully this ‘friend ‘seemed to inject himself with his own dose of death - Gods Justice Here!

One thing is for sure. Phil is with my loved ones, my daughter and a few others, as I have always had contact with the spirit world, living and dead since childhood. He is very close to my heart and always will be. The amount of slagging that went on years ago about who looked best in leather trousers, him or me, was just one example of our friendship. I even make women jealous to this day with some of my features, but I don’t have leathers at the moment and gave away all my guitars, but maybe if the man above wishes for me to do music again it will happen.

To sum Phil up in a few simple words, I will say to you what I once said to George Harrison. I will always love you and we will meet again because God will allow it, and both of these men were very gentle kind, deep with emotions and both have the kingdom of heaven with them for eternity.

Love always.

Declan Hedderman


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