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Latest technology developments to be unveiled.

Classic car 3d printed in multi-materialsClassic car 3d printed in multi-materialsObjet Ltd., a leading innovator in 3D printing for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, has announced that it will once again take to the floors of EuroMold (World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development) to reveal its latest technology developments. This year has seen Objet launch the world's only professional desktop 3D printer offering up to seven different materials, the Objet30 Pro, along with the release of a further 39 digital materials. According to Andy Middleton, Objet General Manager EMEA, EuroMold can expect to see Objet continue its drive for innovation within 3D printing:

"As the year draws to a close, our ethos of leading innovation within 3D printing has never been stronger and we see EuroMold as the ideal platform to demonstrate this, by bringing our latest developments to the fore. Visitors can expect to see an expanded 3D printing portfolio.  2012 has already been a very significant year for Objet - not only have we launched the most versatile 3D printer in the professional desktop market - but we have also invested heavily in developing further digital materials taking the Objet range of 3d printing materials to a record-breaking 107."

In the spotlight on the Objet stand this year will be the widely-acclaimed work of leading artist and designer Neri Oxman from MIT's Media Lab who will present a selection of stunning 3D printed models printed using Objet's unique Connex multi-material 3d printing technology. Both parties collaborated earlier this year in a union of art and 3D printing, with the finished models showcasing Objet 3D printing and how Connex multi-material technology has the potential to help push the boundaries of creative design. Object stated that it was this ability to print different rigid and flexible material combinations which enabled Oxman to convey the true artistic nature of her designs with extremely fine detail and accuracy.

Another feature at the show will be a diverse range of exceptionally realistic prototypes, demonstrating real applications from Objet customers across a variety of industries ranging from automotive to defence, aerospace to education, consumer goods and electronics, animation and film, right through to the highly-specialised world of digital dentistry and medical devices.

"Objet 3D printing has always been about delivering the highest quality rapid prototyping solution for each industry-specific requirement," commented Middleton. "We continue to provide our customers with an unrivalled range of materials varying in physical and mechanical properties - from rigid to rubber-like materials, opaque to transparent and ABS-like simulation plastics - always striving to support our customers in achieving true product realism, whatever industry they operate in."

Objet's full range of 3D printing solutions for the professional user will be represented at Euromold:

  • The Objet Desktop range provides high quality 3D printing to professionals requiring an entry-level, desktop solution, along with one of the most versatile range of materials available in this market.
  • The Objet Eden range is designed for designers and engineers who require high-precision, surface finish and productivity. It provides the ability to print on a range of materials, including specialized materials for dental and medical applications. The Objet Eden V line of 3D printers is upgradable to Objet Connex platform.
  • The Objet Connex series, billed as the world's only multi-material 3D printing technology, enables users to print parts comprising of up to 14 different materials in a single print job, with no assembly. Users also have the ability to combine material properties from rigid to rubber and opaque to transparent, to create new digital materials better suited for specific prototyping requirements.

See Objet at EuroMold 2012 from 27th- 30th November, stand D90, hall 11 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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