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Independent Swiss research laboratory vote of confidence in specialist film

Orimia, a leading Swiss label manufacturer, has chosen a highly chemically resistant polyester film from UK-based Lintec Graphics Films for use in a specialist project at an independent, market-leading Swiss research laboratory.

The company which produces a wide range of customised labels for companies operating in the food, pharma and construction industries has used Lintec Graphic Films products for a number of applications in the past. This collaboration and Lintec’s extensive portfolio of labelling products brought the two companies together to provide a solution for Orimia’s client.

Hans Keller, Managing Director at Orimia explained: “Due to the nature of the work carried out by the research laboratory, the required label stock for identifying medical bottles had to offer superior chemical resistance as the labels would be exposed to a variety of harsh chemicals including Acetone”, he said.  “Following discussions with Lintec’s Swiss supplier, Alpha Papier, they suggested a trial of Lintec’s’ Durafol label product which has been specifically designed for this type of application.”

The laboratory organised a trial period to test the performance of label stocks from different manufacturers to ensure the final product would meet the required adhesion strength.

“The Durafol product won the laboratory’s vote of confidence as it excelled under extreme conditions due to its superb high performance coating with outstanding resistance to chemicals, humidity, elevated temperatures and UV,” continued Keller. “We’ve now been asked to supply 100,000 labels to the laboratory which will be printed with their thermal transfer printer in-house.”

Andy Voss, Managing Director at Lintec Graphic Films added: “Durafol is thermal transfer printable polyester which enables the production of on-demand high performance variably printed labels. The extremely tough product is ideal for use in scientific research and medical facilities as it can resist repeated harsh chemical exposure without compromising adhesion, topcoating or print.”

Durafol polyester is available in matt white, matt silver and matt clear.

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