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Capital ranked number one tourism attraction

by travel website TripAdvisor.

Howth harbourHowth harbourAlthough Istanbul has been ranked by leading travel website, TripAdvisor, as both the worlds and Europe’s top tourist spot, here in Ireland the honour goes to Dublin.

Surprisingly it came in ahead of well know tourist spots like Killarney, Westport, even Cork.

However, overall, Ireland lies at 21st in the listing for the most popular destinations in Europe, with Istanbul taking pole position, and Rome and London coming in second and third.

However, even such well known destinations like New York, Paris have also slipped in the new rankings.

The top ten tourist attractions in Ireland according to TripAdvisor include five Munster spots. The list is as follows.

1: Dublin

2: Killarney

3: Dingle

4: Cork

5: Westport

6: Donegal Town

7: Galway

8: Tralee

9: Navan

10: Kilkenny

Follow us on Twitter - @DigiPrintNewsA TripAdvisor spokesperson commented that “as a city, Dublin has a culture and an appeal that few others can match, which is why, yet again, it has been recognised as one of the best destinations to visit in Europe”.

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