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Research reveals Irish TV viewers most annoying habits

With Ireland’s analogue TV signal due to be switched off on the 24th October this year and the nation going digital, Sky Ireland is counting down to the digital switchover with research that reveals what excites, delights and annoys Irish viewers when watching TV. As expected, the most contentious issues found were possession of the remote control and agreeing what programme to watch. Sky said that a third of respondents admitted they argue with their partner or family on a daily basis when it came to deciding what to watch on TV.

Other key findings included the most annoying habits when watching TV with other people:

-People talking during a programme ranked as the most annoying thing about watching TV with others, with ‘channel surfing’ , ‘hogging the remote control’, ‘talking on the phone’ and ‘revealing the ending’ also cited.

And it seems there are quite a few TV shows that some people simply can’t live without.

Soaps such as Eastenders, Coronation Street, and dramas such as Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives featured high on the list, particularly amongst females.

Male respondents however cited Top Gear, The Simpsons and Soccer Saturday as the shows they can’t live without.

Mark Anderson of Sky Ireland said:

“With the nation set to go digital in under 100 days, it’s clearly in consumers’ interests to find out as much as possible about the options open to them to ensure they can continue to watch their favourite shows, even the cheesy ones they might prefer not to admit to! Luckily Sky makes the switch to digital really easy, and gives you lots of extra benefits such as the ability to record shows and watch them later, pause and rewind live TV, and even to watch content on the move with Sky Go. So those arguments over the remote control should become a thing of the past!”

Sky’s research also revealed that almost 40% of Irish people have yet to make the switch to digital TV. Over 60% of male respondents have already made the switch, while less than half of female respondents have done so.

Regionally, Dublin has the highest percentage of users who are already using a digital TV service at 67%. The research showed however a significant split by province:

Rest of Leinster – 54% switched to digital

Munster – 53% switched to digital

Connacht/Ulster - 49% switched to digital

For more information on going Digital with Sky call 0818-719-500, visit one of 40 Sky stores around the country, or visit

Alternatively check out Going Digital at

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