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Councillors approve plans to roll out

free public WiFi throughout the city.

free wifi dublinfree wifi dublinIf you’re downtown in Dublin chances are that you will be able to Tweet or check your Facebook, courtesy of a recent motion passed by city councillors to roll out free public Wi-Fi throughout the city.

The WiFi hotspots will be identified using innovative wall mosaics featuring “digidub” characters. These will be both modern and historical and will feature characters such as a Viking, a street cleaner, a tourist and a pyjama girl, all part of 14 different characters.

The concept for the signs is to advertise the cities free Wi-Fi hotspots in a fun way and encourage Dubliners as well as visitors to take full advantage of them.

The project will make Dublin the first Irish city to roll out a free Wifi network.

Dublin Labour councillor Oisin Quinn is quoted as saying:  “Free public Wifi has been a huge success in several European cities. Social networking, checking emails and seeing what's happening nearby are all things people like to do while having a coffee, browsing shops or catching a sandwich during a lunch break. The city centre is a great place to go. Adding free public Wifi is the next step."

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Naoise Ó Muirí added:

“By June of this year Dublin will have a Digital Master plan,” he said. “The aim of the plan is to develop Dublin as a world centre of digital excellence.”

The councillors also believe that advertisers will jump at the chance to be on board.

Dubliners are being asked to suggest additional “digidub” characters and to identify other uses which the free Wi-Fi can be used for.

The service will be available at the Civic Offices Amphitheatre, Wood Quay, St Patrick’s Park and Barnardo’s Square initially. It will be rolled out over the coming weeks to other key city centre locations including Smithfield Square, Grafton Street, Henry Street, O’Connell Street and Temple Bar Square.

So, turn off the ‘spend button’ on your phone or tablet and enjoy free WiFi in Dublin’s city centre.

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