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Company to debut new machine at SGIA in October.

Gandy Digital SoftjetGandy Digital SoftjetCanadian based Gandy Digital has just launched the Gandy Digital Softjet, a soft signage, high resolution, digital dye sublimation printer. It will be showcased for the first time at SGIA (Las Vegas, USA, October 22nd – 24th) on booth #439. The company said the new machine is designed for textile printers and large format print houses looking to increase print quality and productivity, explore new revenue streams and drive profitable growth.

Billed as an ideal compliment to any technical portfolio, the all in one Gandy Digital Softjet printer can handle short to long run full colour jobs, delivering high print quality and Gandy Digital's international 24/7 customer service.

Providing print, curing (sublimation heaters) and cutting capabilities in a total solution package, the new Gandy Digital Softjet is being marketed as an ideal platform for new print suppliers to enter the soft signage market, or existing suppliers to upgrade their service capability. As a roll-to-roll, direct to fabric printer available in, 6ft2in (1.88m), 8ft4in (2.54m) and 11ft (3.35m) print widths, the Gandy Digital Softjet is suitable for applications including indoor and outdoor soft signage, wall graphics, wall coverings, flags and tradeshow displays.

Hary Gandy, Gandy Digital CEO commented: "With an average global growth rate of around 10 per cent, the soft signage market represents a significant opportunity for large format customers. Having manufactured successful fabric printers in previous lives, we utilized our experience and market knowledge to bring to market a ‘hassle free’, one process print solution, perfect for print houses looking to explore this market at low cost and with low risk.

“For many of those already in the market, typically running fabric printing technology nearing their end of life, we recognized that Softjet was the right product at the right time from which to streamline their operation and grow their business - especially with customers demanding higher resolution and faster turnaround.”

The Gandy Digital Softjet has also been designed to handle heavy duty textile printing, and thanks to water-based inks and low energy consumption, it also meets the prerequisites of being environmentally friendly too. Gandy believes this is increasingly vital to fulfilling the needs of print businesses, while also adhering to the environmental requirements – moral and regulatory – of their own customers.

Available in four and six colour models, the Gandy Digital Softjet printer features the latest Ricoh Gen 4 and Gen 5 print heads. The company added that utilizing dye sublimation technology to provide colour vibrancy better than that of other technologies, its Softjet printer also delivers consistent and superior sublimation control across the entire print width, eradicating temperature fluctuations and typical problems of colour variation.

Specifically for the indoor signage market, textile-based graphics enable customers to provide an important alternative to traditional board or vinyl based applications. One point emphasised by Gandy was that as well as providing a warmer look and feel, textile graphics provide improved noise-reduction benefits too.

From a logistics perspective, graphics printed on to fabric can also be folded with no need for heavy rolls. Compared to traditional board or PVC vinyl signage applications, this benefit leads to considerably lower distribution and storage costs. With the Gandy Digital Softjet printer, being built around a flexible and adaptable printer platform, users are granted the versatility to meet ever-changing customer requirements.

Harry Gandy, concluded: "We are really excited about showing the new Gandy Digital Softjet printer at SGIA. The applications provided by Softjet are a natural extension for those looking for new business opportunities without the inconvenience of a steep learning curve or large capital outlay. The new printer provides great versatility for customers to future proof their businesses and adapt quickly to ever-changing customer requirements.

With Sofjet, they are four simple steps to driving revenue in this market: Sell-it, Print-it, Fold-it, Ship-it."

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