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Major investment in innovative new digital carton production equipment announced.

The US carton company, Chesapeake has announced plans for a significant investment in new digital carton production equipment which the company says will ensure its leadership in the field of fast-response packaging solutions. Chesapeake hopes the new equipment will further extend its digital capability, already well established for label production, and deliver greater reductions in lead times.

The new Highcon C&C press on display at DrupaThe new Highcon C&C press on display at DrupaIn addition to new digital printing presses from HP Indigo and Landa, Chesapeake is also planning to install a digital finishing capability which will allow the company to become the first packaging manufacturer to offer a fully integrated digital solution for the production of folding cartons.

Dougie Potter, Chesapeake’s technical services director, said, "Over the next 12 months, the installation of this new state-of-the-art equipment, linked to innovative front-end order handling, will provide a fantastically effective solution for quick-response small-order quantities. It will also help to reduce product inventory and obsolescence.”

Chesapeake has also signed an agreement to purchase a Euclid digital press, the latest digital carton cut-and-crease technology from Highcon. This new press, unveiled at drupa this year for the first time, is the world's first completely digital production cutting and creasing machine. The system removes the need to use a die for production by implementing new polymer and laser technologies instead. This dramatically reduces machine setup time to minutes, so making it extremely flexible and responsive.

Potter added:

"We have been following the progress of the Highcon technology for some time and were impressed by the machine’s performance at drupa,” he said. “We believe the addition of this unique digital solution will not only complement our existing equipment, but will – crucially - offer hugely enhanced flexibility to better serve the current and future needs of our customers.”

Further announcements covering investment in HP Indigo and Landa digital print presses will be made shortly.

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