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Company to market print enhancement

in Belgian packaging market.

Scodex 1200Scodex 1200Plantin, a Staples Company has unveiled for the first time in Brussels, Belgium, the Scodix SENSE™ print enhancement, produced by the Scodix S Series Digital Presses.

According to the agreement, Plantin will market and sell the Scodix S Series Digital Presses and the Scodix Rainbow station, in both Belgium and Luxembourg. “We are pleased to offer our customers new products that fit with our goal of pursuing new packaging and graphic art production ideas that stand out in the market,” said Steve Debloem, Sales Manager of Graphic Systems at Plantin. “We welcome Scodix as a promising addition to our packaging and graphic arts partner portfolio,” he added.

The Scodix S Series Digital Presses create the Scodix SENSE™, which the company maintains is a variety of digital print enhancements that bring a new look and tangible dimension to graphic communications. Scodix said the press produces the Scodix SENSE™ by registering clear polymer with pinpoint accuracy onto select images, using two CCD cameras system and Scodix IP image algorithm to manipulate every sheet – scaling, shifting and rotating. This is designed to ensure perfect quality and precise image-to-image registration, delivering variable levels of thickness and texture, to offer true differentiation to the print service provider, clients and products. The purpose of the Scodix enhancements is to create printed images which are infused with an extra physical dimension that creates a sensory experience for the consumer; something the company believes will ultimately add a longer lasting impression. The marketing strategy is that in to-days competitive marketplace, a printed material with selected glossy, raised images will draw contact from the consumer, and should make them reach out and touch the visual, transforming it into more than an illustration, thereby creating a deeper bond with the product.

“We believe in the market potential for Scodix SENSE™ in the high-end print industry in Belgium,” said Amos Libermann Scodix VP Sales Europe. “Scodix chose Plantin as its partner because of its high technological standards and key market position in the industry,” Libermann added. Both companies believe that the new relationship between them is set to open major opportunities for customers to continue developing their brand differentiation at the product level, by providing the consumer with the sensory experience at the product packaging level itself.

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