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Hera ProductHera Product

Highcon announced on 26 July that the first installation of a Highcon Euclid II+ digital cutting and creasing machine in Latin America at Hera Printing Corporation.

Hera is a family-owned business that takes pride in its emphasis on quality and innovation – a perfect match for Highcon’s capabilities. Founded in 1978, this commercial printer has a history of investing in new technology to differentiate their offering to customers and to offer rapid turnaround together with excellent quality.

Commenting on their recent investment in a Highcon Euclid II+ digital cutting and creasing machine, Vice President Ricardo Garcia, who has been running the company with his father for the past 15 years, says:

“For years people have been used to the word "no" when it comes to diecutting - the whole market has always had the word no in mind.  And now we're changing that vision in the market.  Yes you can! You tell me what you're imagining and we will make it happen.”

Hera ProductHera ProductRicardo was one of Hera’s first customers for the intricate design capabilities of the machine. He put it to the test by producing the invitations, table decorations and menus for his own wedding immediately after installing the machine in April this year.

Hera has both digital and offset printing capabilities, and work with leading design agencies. In addition, they frequently act as an outsource for other printers on the island. They have introduced their clients to the benefits of this new machine and many are already working on designs for Christmas.

The Highcon digital cutting and creasing solutions transform cutting and creasing from an analog to a digital workflow, dramatically streamlining the finishing process. This digital finishing technology offers a solution to the key trends seen in the industry: shorter runs, on-demand requests, supply chain complexities and competition – the need for differentiation. The machine combines the patented DART (Digital Adhesive Rule Technology) to create the digital crease lines, with a unique high speed and high quality laser solution for cutting and etching.

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