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Second EFI VUTEk GS5000r Superwide-format

printer added to support business growth.

VUTEk GS 5000rVUTEk GS 5000rColumbus, Ohio, USA-based West-Camp Press has added its second roll-to-roll EFI VUTEk® GS5000r superwide-format UV inkjet printer, EFI™ has announced.

The addition of the second printer means that these are the only such systems installed in Ohio. With their five-metre width and the ability to print on up to three media rolls simultaneously, the investment has been undertaken to provide the signage production capacity required to service an increasing demand from retailers and other businesses West-Camp serves.

"Superwide-format printing has continued to grow since we installed our very first VUTEk printer seven years ago," said Ed Evans, West-Camp's CEO. "Signage and graphics work has expanded to represent 20% of our business, and the growth will continue with the GS5000r printers because they broaden the range of applications we can produce."

West-Camp Press is known for its strategy of always taking a progressive approach to superwide-format opportunities, and has continually adopted leading-edge technologies as they become available. The company first chose a pair of EFI VUTEk hybrid roll/flatbed printers for signage and graphics work because it needed higher uptime and the ability to run multiple shifts. The company added that the addition of the VUTEk GS5000r printers, with important printing capabilities like white ink and multi-layer printing, now opens doors to more creative and higher-margin applications.

"West-Camp Press is an excellent example of a company that envisioned a new revenue stream, made a shrewd assessment of the technologies available, and executed by delivering results to its customers," said Frank Mallozzi, senior vice president, worldwide sales and marketing, EFI. "The team at West-Camp willed their way to becoming a respected, high-end signage provider, and we are glad that they relied on EFI to help make that happen."

EFI pointed out that the EFI VUTEk GS5000r model installed at West-Camp prints in up to eight colours, plus white, and produces premium-value, indoor and outdoor graphics at resolutions up to 1,000 dots per inch. With production level output speeds, the VUTEK GS5000r printer is designed to give graphic arts professionals the ultimate combination of quality, productivity and versatility, it said.

Additionally, EFI Fiery® proServers installed with the printers also give West-Camp's operators the ability to manage printing modes, carriage speed, curing, shutter modes and other essential details while receiving real-time printer status, job status and consumable usage updates. The Fiery proServers include a parallel-processing production RIP and comprehensive colour management tools, as well as default media profiles and automated workflow features.

West-Camp's attitude on advanced technology extends to its workflow infrastructure as well. The company recently upgraded its workflow operations with EFI Pace™ MIS software, and bolstered its web-to-print operations with EFI's OPS product. The web-to-print, MIS and Fiery platforms can complement each other through an integrated framework that streamlines business management tasks across the entire organisation.

EFI will showcase VUTEk printing technologies at the upcoming ISA International Sign Expo in Orlando, Florida, USA, 24-26 April, in stand 1812. For more information about EFI VUTEk printers, visit

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