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Professional -grade 3D printer is available on

To purchase a Mojo 3D Printer, visit the Mojo page on Amazon.comTo purchase a Mojo 3D Printer, visit the Mojo page on Amazon.comIt’s been announced that the Stratasys Mojo 3D Printer with Print Pack Starter Package is now available for purchase on

The company said that this new addition to gives business owners, entrepreneurs, engineers and educators the opportunity to purchase a professional-grade 3D printer that is suitable for office spaces, directly from

The Stratasys Mojo 3D Printer prints professional-quality models using Stratasys' Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) technology. It’s designed to produce concept models and functional prototypes, in ABSplus thermoplastic material.

The Mojo is billed as offering fine-feature detail that is only available on larger production systems like the Fortus Production 3D Printers. Suitable for office spaces, Mojo measures 25 in. wide, 21 in. deep and 18 in. tall (64 x 53 x 46 cm). The ease of water-soluble support removal allows for hands-free cleaning of the most intricate moving parts.

" has become a pioneer for 3D printing and we are excited for our Mojo to be a part of its online store," stated Gilad Gans, president, Stratasys North America. "Having our professional desktop 3D printer on expands our exposure into a new marketplace we weren't previously present at. Now customers who are looking for a professional-grade 3D printer can take advantage of Amazon's convenient online shopping experience."


The Mojo Desktop 3D Printer is part of the Stratasys Idea Series. Additionally, the Mojo 3D Print Pack Starter Package includes a desktop 3D printer, a startup supply of materials and bases, the Mojo Print Wizard and Control Panel software and the WaveWash 55 support removal system.

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To purchase a Mojo 3D Printer, visit the Mojo page on

For more information on the Mojo 3D Printer, visit the Mojo page on

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