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Company unveil the S75 and

Scodix Metallic™ at DSCOOP 8.

Scodix metallicScodix metallicScodix unveiled the innovative Scodix Metallic™ along with its S75 press at Dscoop 8, held on the 21-23 of February in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

The company said that it enables the easy creation of metallic colours in a selective digital process and added that it was ‘cutting edge technology’ which will allow print service providers (PSP’s) to bring even more print enhancements in-house.

Scodix choose to launch these digital print enhancement solutions, using its inkjet technology and proprietary Scodix PolySENSE™ clear polymer™, in a demonstration for HP Graphic Arts press owners at the event.

“The Scodix S75 and Scodix Metallic™ quality effect provides an experience that has never been seen or felt before in the printing industry”, stated Scodix CEO Kobi Bar.

The Scodix Metallic™ look and feel can only be created by using Scodix S digital enhancement presses with the Scodix RSP™ Technology (Rotate, Scale and Position). By utilizing two CCD cameras and Scodix IP image algorithm, every image can be manipulated (scaling the image on X and Y axes, shifting and rotating it when required), ensuring what the company maintain is ‘perfect quality and precise print registration and the delivery of perfect metallic colours’.

“We decided to introduce the S75 at DSCOOP, since its new sheet and image size supports the HP Indigo and Screen Trupress SX digital B2 size presses, with the ability to accept materials up to 20.8 x 29.5 inch (530x750mm),” said Dror Danai, EVP Global Business. “The Scodix Metallic™ is a new, simple, cost effective way to allow PSP’s the option to augment their prints with metallic coloring by utilizing the CMYK color process and enhancing it with the Scodix SENSE™ in a digital 1-pass print process”, he further explained.

Billed as eco-friendly, Scodix S series presses have been designed to empower PSPs and their customers to enjoy the freedom to print a larger variety of enhancements in-house, supporting job runs of any size, on a wide option of materials, both digital and offset. The Scodix SENSE™, Scodix Rainbow™ Station, Scodix Metallic™, as well as the Scodix Barcode and Scodix Inkjet Braille™, are enhancements that Scodix believes increase the value of printed items and provide the print industry with the tools needed to survive the challenges that electronic media continue to present.

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