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3D advertising designed to make messages ‘stand out from the crowd’

3D Film Pure3D Film PureOcé UK Imaging Supplies, part of the Canon Group of Companies has launched a new media called 3D Film Pure. It is designed to demonstrate advertising in an innovative fashion to help customers stand out from the crowd.

A campaign has been launched by the company to show how printing 3D graphics can ‘influence the psychological impact of viewers in terms of experienced realism, power and presence’.

The new media is aimed at helping Océ UK Imaging Supplies customers create new business opportunities by adding value using 3D advertising messages.

Although not a new medium, it is the latest development in what has been termed, optical art –a way of capturing movement, hidden images and illusion – that gained prominence in the1960s.

Dominic Fahy, Océ UK’s Director of Display Graphics and Imaging Supplies, said: “In an entire day we’re likely to see an estimated 5000 advertising messages. This equates to as many advertising messages in a year as our parents saw in their entire lives. It means we now have to make an effort to receive the information promoted to us because we are developing the ability to screen the majority out.”

Fahy added: “According to a number of studies the third dimension influences the psychological impact of viewers in terms of experienced realism, power and presence. Our minds are not used to this new dimension and therefore instinctively try to make sense of the images in front of us.

“Our sub-conscious pays attention, our conscience becomes aware and we take note of the content because it is presented in a way we are not used to seeing and have not learnt to screen out. Ultimately, if you want to stand out from the crowd, get noticed and be unique, 3D advertising is the way forward.”

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