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Organise, edit, and share artistic vision with ease

PaintShop Pro X5 ULTIMATEPaintShop Pro X5 ULTIMATECorel® has just released PaintShop® Pro X5, its consumer photo editing and creative design solution. It boasts powerful editing and digital design tools needed to produce eye-catching images and professional works of art. And with easy-to-use, pro-quality tools and built-in learning resources, Corel believe that every level of user, from amateur up to the seasoned professional, will be able to expertly arrange, edit, and share their photographic and artistic visions with ease.

The latest release includes updates and refinements to PaintShop’s most popular features as well as new creative tools including Retro Lab, an Instant Effects palette and a Graduated Filter effect. X5 now has social media integration and organisational tools like face recognition and Share My Trip which gives users the ability to share map based interactive slideshows.

“Consumer needs have always been the driving force behind enhancements included in new releases of PaintShop Pro and X5 is the perfect example,” said Matt DiMaria, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media at Corel. “Our customers come from a wide variety of professions and creative backgrounds, so we’ve listened to their feedback and tailored and refined the new tools and updates in X5 to fit their specific needs. Thanks to the community’s involvement and support, we are confident that this release delivers a depth and range of features that make PaintShop Pro X5 a valuable and beneficial upgrade.”

Highlights of New and Enhanced Tools:

•        NEW! Instant Effects palette: Includes a variety of pre-set effects and styles such as Artistic, Film, Black & White, and Landscape, plus users can create their own!

•        NEW! Retro Lab: Create and apply old-school colour and contrast effects to photos

•        Enhanced! High Dynamic Range tools: Create intense B&W contrast, easier photo alignment, and the application of pre-sets to HDR batch processing

•        NEW! Single RAW Photo: Allows users to create HDR results using a single RAW photo

•        NEW! Graduated Filter effect: Semi-transparent colour gradients that simulate the effect of using different on-camera filters

•        Enhanced! Layer Styles: Includes the ability to apply styles such as drop shadow, glow and reflections directly from the Layers palette

•        NEW & Enhanced! Paint Brush: New Watercolour brush plus enhanced ability to import Adobe Photoshop brushes

•        NEW & Enhanced! Corel Guide: Built-in instructional videos, easy-to-follow tutorials and free downloadable content such as PictureTubes™, picture frames, brushes, presets and more

•        NEW! Places: Maps photos to specific real-world locations that enable users to quickly view and search photos based on their geographical info

•        NEW! Share My Trip: Share your travel photos online with a slideshow that links photos directly to an interactive map

•        NEW! People: Face recognition technology that helps users identify and tag individuals for easier photo management and social sharing

Corel Edit mode layersCorel Edit mode layersAlso released is PaintShop Pro X5 Ultimate. Corel said this combines all the powerful photo-editing and design tools of PaintShop Pro X5 with valuable creative extras such as Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0 photographic filters, and REALLUSION FaceFilter Studio 2.0 portrait-enhancement tools. It also includes a collection of over 100 unique brushes, textures and royalty-free backgrounds.


PaintShop Pro X5 is available now in English, French, Italian, German and Dutch, and can be purchased immediately as an electronic download (ESD) from or from Corel's global resellers. Users of PaintShop Pro X3 or higher are eligible for upgrades.

It will be also available in Russian, Spanish, Finnish and Polish starting from October.

PaintShop Pro X5 Ultimate is available now in English, French, Italian, German and Dutch at and at resellers.

For more information about Paintshop Pro X5, or to download a free fully-functional trial version please visit

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