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Landa Corporation stated it had received record levels of interest and orders (Letters of Intent with deposit) for its B1 format commercial digital press, the Landa S10 Nanographic Printing Press at its stand at drupa 2012. The S10 is the only B1 size digital press on the market and targets mainstream commercial print markets, printing at offset speeds and qualities without requiring plate changes or lengthy set-up times.

It has the capacity to print single-sided or double-sided at up to 13,000 sheets per hour on any off-the-shelf stock (60-400 gsm).The B1 format is suitable for brochures, booklets, greetings cards, catalogues as well as general print jobs. A packaging version can print folding cartons up to 1mm thickness.

Landa CEO Benny Landa said:  “We are delighted by the interest the company has received for all our products launched at drupa this year. Above all, our Landa S10 Nanographic Printing Press with its B1 format is the winner.

“It has the unique ability to print at high speeds with high levels of productivity and as the only B1 production level digital printing press on the market, it is receiving enormous attention and orders. This confirms to us that it is the ‘right fit’ for businesses large and small who want to increase their profitability on mainstream print jobs for short and medium-run lengths.”

The Nanographic Printing process uses Landa NanoInk colorants; the process can create ultra-sharp dots of extremely high uniformity, high gloss fidelity and the broadest colour gamut of any four-colour printing process. The NanoInk film image bonds to the surface of any standard stock, forming a tough, abrasion-resistant laminated layer without leaving any residual ink on the blanket. Since images are already dry, there is no need for post drying. Two-sided printing is simple and printed goods can be handled, right off the press, even in the most aggressive finishing equipment.

All Landa presses, including the Landa S10, employ the innovative Landa Touchscreen, an oversize user interface that enables even an untrained operator to quickly master the press. The machine controls appear both on the left and right sides of the screen to enable convenient operation from either the feeder or delivery end of the press. Graphic displays include job management information and real-time status of every function on the press.

The press has a high degree of automation which allows a single operator to manage more than one press at a time. When an operator leaves one press, the display switches to Vital Signs Mode, in which key indicators are presented in large fonts that can be easily read from 50 metres away. A portable touchscreen tablet lets the operator remotely manage the presses.

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