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Fact or Fiction?

Social Media rules the planet! Did you “unfriend” or “block” someone today on Facebook? Tweet or Retweet on Twitter? Send a selfie on Instagram? Tweak your profile on LinkedIn? Go ahead, be honest. You spent every free moment today messaging, checking for messages, posting and checking for comments, trolling and stalking and back again. Shame on you or Kudos to ya! Your call.

Thank you Steve, Mark and especially Billy Boy for the virtual world you have created. You are the Gods and we are your Adam and Eve. You have molded us, guided us and now turned us loose to fend for ourselves on the ‘world wide web’. What evil lurks behind the soul of the mass social networks that enrapture us? Good or evil. Evil or good. It’s systematically relative. Perspective, yours, mine theirs, ours, his or hers. We both seek and avoid the forbidden fruit. The “Apple” beckons!

Paradise! We are never alone. We always have someone to converse with; groups to join, events in real time as well as virtual to attend or not. Happy Birthday to you, whoever you are! Prayers: Oh why do people say they are going to pray for you, they are not, THEY ARE NOT!! My commons sense tells me there are not millions of people on there knees every moment of every day praying for a recently dead grandmother of a person on the other side of the planet that they have never met and most likely never will. Prayers: Yes or no, we are never alone!

Back to Paradise: Let’s play games. Blue games, red games, word games, head games. Blame games!! Lets go to the uncensored spaces and places for those. Where fools feign intelligence and nerds become lions with the click of a mouse. Debate and hate. Hate the hater. Squeeze the race baiter till he squeals with indigence. Foul! Foul! Penalty! Pick up your ball, game is over for today. Lick your wounds and come back tomorrow. There’s plenty of time for another round of cutthroat banter. One more go at it? Why not!

Paradise found: Comedy, tragedy, romance and adventure. Roll the dice, faster, come on faster! Bang! Endless cartoons for our inspection, reflection, rejection, resurrection. Quotes and boats are sailing, floating, scolding. The wisdom that has escaped us all through life is waiting. It’s here! The answer to all of our problems and follies is there on the screen. Scroll and stroll down the path of dreams and surreal realities. Right this way to a new existence full of whatever it is that floats that silly boat. Meet your soul mate, chat the chat, talk the talk. Some even beat the drum, you know what that is. Yeah, that’s it. Cyber love does it for many. Beat it!

Paradise lost: The curtain closes; reality sinks in. The screen dims and the sounds of silence rolls in like the dark clouds of midnight on a lonely winter eve. The barkers are gone, the cooks have cleaned the virtual kitchen and the clocks have stopped ticking. It’s just you and the screen, it dims now. Where are the boys? Bill is far away and indisposed, Mark is counting his gazillions and Steve? Steve rests in the arms of the angels in heaven.

Paradise reborn: Another day, another #tweet. Keep your eye on the prize. Skaters, haters and undertakers fall into step. Virtual murder of humanity takes another stab at reality. Will this be the day that the machine becomes the man? That’s it! Mans copulation with the machine is almost complete. Climax is near. Will there be a fading virtual afterglow? Will there be a birth of a monstrous, marvelous offspring of circuits and thoughts.

Fact or fiction, Fiction or fact: You decide. Or is it a done deal, irreversible, irresponsible and irresistible? Paradise on a flat screen…………..

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