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Canon 6D mark II

Canon launch the 6D mark II

The camera with a 26 MP sensor, 45 point autofocus and no 4K video We have been waiting a long time for this. Canon has announced the release of the Canon 6D mark II camera. The specification of the camera makes it an excellent tool for professional and top end amateur photographers. Traditional photographers will like it, videographers might pass on it. Featuring a 26.2 megapixel full frame sensor with a dual pixel CMOS AF Technology inside, the new sensor and image processor allow a massive ISO range,that starts from ISO 50 and goes up to…
EnRoute Complete subscription users have access to EnRoute’s full catalogue of features at a competitive cost including Rapid Picture that allows users to extend their portfolio with customized products

Expansion of SAi’s subscription model provides more choice for CAD/CAM users, offers improved flexibility and cost efficiencies

SAi announces new subscription-based EnRoute software packages SA International (SAi) are a leading provider of software solutions for the professional sign making, wide-format digital printing and CAD/CAM for CNC machining industries. They have announced…
The new Kebab option for the Mimaki UJF MkII printers enables printing around the circumference of cylindrical items

Mimaki adds popular Kebab option to the new UJF MkII printer range

New Kebab option enables Mimaki UJF-3042MkII & UJF-6042MkII to support printing directly onto a wide range of cylindrical objects Mimaki has announced that it is making its popular Kebab option available for the new UJF-3042MkII and UJF-6042MkII; its latest…
Xerox Phaser 6510 Color Printer

New Xerox Colour Printer, MFP Put Big Business Capabilities Within Reach of Small Offices

Customers Get Advanced Features, Reliability, Unmatched Colour – Affordably Most small business printers and multifunction devices are serviceable, but with limited capabilities and reliability. They’re difficult to set up and don’t deliver what offices need…




Soyang Europe is exclusively distributing Aurich Textilien's range of HP Latex certified fabrics

Soyang Europe launches innovative new HP Latex certified textile range

Soyang Europe holds stock of Aurich Textilien manufactured textiles for distribution Soyang Europe has launched a range of HP Latex certified textiles that allow HP Latex printer users to benefit from a coating jointly developed by HP and the fabric…
Neon Pink toner

Ricoh expands print diversity with Neon Pink toner

Retrofit Toner with Ricoh Ricoh has launched Neon Pink toner to enhance the creative possibilities for a wide range of print from posters and invitations to ticketing and advertising. The Neon Pink toner has been developed for the fifth colour station on the…

Roland DG celebrates young talent with BSGA Award sponsorship

 Young Signmaker of the Year Roland DG is to sponsor the Young Signmaker of the Year category at the 2017 BSGA British Sign Awards for the third time, demonstrating the company’s support to the next generation of print industry professionals. Organised by the…
Lifetime Achievement winner

Winners revealed at Label Industry Global Awards

Award for Innovation Announced The most innovative, creative and commercially successful work from the label and package printing industry has been rewarded at the Label Industry Global Awards 2017. The people behind the some of the most important innovations…
Rose Walsh - Walsh Graphics Dublin Opening

Walsh Graphics has opened a Dublin office

Walsh Graphics, Dublin – Open for Business Following their official opening last month, Walsh Graphics, Dublin are enjoying the positive feedback from customers calling in to the South City Business Park branch.
David Wright of Coventry University and Jodie Kidd alongside Ian Callum ...

Coventry University opened its doors to a brand new postgraduate facility

Roland DG partners with Coventry University for a state-of-the-art new facility and new Academy location. On the 25th May 2017, Coventry University opened its doors to a brand new postgraduate facility, the National Transport Design Centre. The Centre is…

Software, IT & Computing

EnRoute Complete subscription users have access to EnRoute’s full catalogue of features at a competitive cost including Rapid Picture that allows users to extend their portfolio with customized products

Expansion of SAi’s subscription model provides more choice for CAD/CAM users, offers improved flexibility and cost efficiencies

SAi announces new subscription-based EnRoute software packages SA International (SAi) are a leading provider of software solutions for the professional sign making, wide-format digital printing and CAD/CAM for CNC machining industries. They have announced…
Xara Designer Pro X365

Review: Xara Designer Pro X365

Great graphics and photo software for idiots - like me. Not being a graphics professional, Xara contacted me for my opinion on Designer Pro X365. I can’t even use Photoshop. My programme of choice is CorelDraw, mainly because I can get my head around it. I…
EFI Fiery

Do you want to learn more about Fiery?

Fiery Global University Announces Next Generation On-Demand Learning Fiery Global University is proud to release its next generation of On-Demand online learning. Now you can expand your Fiery knowledge from any device, anywhere, and anytime.
Comparison prints showing images printed on the same CMYK wide-format inkjet printer with and without the Touch7 separation process

Touch7 uses design stage and SAi RIP

SAi Flexi RIPs and Touch7 Differentiate Brand Signage with Extended Color Gamut Technology SA International (SAi), which has their headquarters in the US, and Touch7 provide software solutions for the professional sign making, wide-format digital printing and…

Xerox Automates Colour Management On Inkjet Presses

No colour expertise needed to achieve accurate colour correction. Xerox is doing its bit to help print providers reduce one aspect of colour management for production inkjet presses, time consuming, process-intensive colour correction procedures. It has…
HP Latex 310 and 330 customers can enjoy new feature enhancements available with the SAi FlexiPRINT HP Latex Edition software

New Upgrades To SAi FlexiPRINT HP Latex Edition Software

Free software upgrade delivers suite of new tools. SA International (SAi) has released a free Version 12 download for all existing licenses of its FlexiPRINT HP Latex Edition software.

High Tech

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New radical proposals from Germany and France concerning the EU threaten to divide the 17 countries which currently use the Euro as their currency.

Both France and Germany have stated that they want to completely overhaul the European Union and build a much more integrated political and economic federation.

One of the plans being proposed is that countries would have to add a “balanced budget rule” to their constitution.

It appears that the European Court of Justice would be given the task of ensuring that these amendments would be effective.

National parliaments would also be legally constrained as to how much debt they could issue.

As usual the markets reacted on a positive note but commentators said that this was probably down to the fact that traders are hoping that the European Central Bank will now take a much more active role in controlling borrowing costs for countries, particularly Italy.

The new radical proposals certainly will be met with stiff resistance by many countries inside and outside the Euro zone as the measures will be seen as stripping away their national sovereignty.

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Bob Tallent

The Synergy Group

24th November 2011

So you want to invest in new technology, bring your costs down and deliver a much better product and turnaround time frame. Normally speaking you would go to your bank with a business plan. But guess what? As a normal business it seems that neither the banks nor indeed the government or State agencies want to know.

Let me start by saying that I have a problem with the Government, Enterprise Ireland and County Enterprise Boards mainly, who, and in some case only, support High Potential Start Ups (HPSU’s).  According to the EU stats, 85.3% of all businesses in Ireland employ less than 10 people (micro business) and a very small percentage of those are HPSUs.

The AIB Start-Up Accelerator Fund is made up of €22 million - €20m from AIB and €2m from Enterprise Ireland.  The Fund is managed by ACT Venture Capitalists and is designed to help entrepreneurs create companies that can lead in international markets.

The fund was set up as part of the bank recapitalisation process and has already invested €2 million in five companies:

  •, social news website; (How is this site that much different from, I hear you ask)
  • Swerve, gaming software development company;
  • Barracuda FX, financial services software company;
  • Biosensia, UCD-based medical diagnostics company.
  • The fifth company has yet to be announced

The AIB Start-Up Accelerator Fund expects the investment in these first five companies to create 92 jobs over the next five years.

As part of the bank recapitalisation with AIB four specialist seed capital funds have been established, with Bank of Ireland contributing the bulk of the €124 million they have available to invest.

The investments made by the new Fund will focus on developing high-growth, export-oriented companies in emerging sectors such as Digital Media, Internet, Software, CleanTech and Medical Devices.

My problem here is that there is no mention of the ‘normal’ business that also needs support.  What about our industry?  What about printers who need to invest in order to survive, who need to re-skill, who need to go after new markets?  What about printers who have to use modern machines in order to provide the home market efficiently and effectively?  Where is the help for them?

Brendan O'Connor, Head of Commercial Banking, AIB, said: “The fund is an important element of AIB’s seed capital capability and the Bank now has facilitated the creation of €75 million in funding making it the largest seed capital provider in the country. With today’s announcement, it means AIB is facilitating, on average, one new investment per month in equity capital for fast growth and high potential Irish owned businesses, supporting the creation of new jobs across the country."

“If we are to turn this country around and create a new economy which can support the levels of employment we need, central to that will be dynamic Irish companies,” Minister Bruton said. “That is why a key part of the Government’s jobs plan is to target policies at sectors where Irish companies have the capacity to break into export markets and grow quickly to create jobs. ICT, financial services and life sciences are sectors where Ireland has a long record of success in attracting multinational companies, but the challenge now is to convert that into success also for Irish companies."


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Written by Tony Judge


Is Ireland really a democracy?

Let’s have a look at our system.

Who really calls the shots?


The Civil Service! Most civil servants appear to be unaccountable. They certainly are not elected by the people.

Take City and County managers for example! At a stroke they have decided that some council’s will no longer collect domestic waste and yet their very own environment web site states that part of their role is “to encourage recycling and collect waste”. Is this not an obvious breach of their role? This decision cannot be changed by the Councillors - the people have elected!


Also unelected, they have tied us into expensive and unworkable agreements. The Croke Park agreement, for example, protects public service jobs no matter what the cost. Who gave them this right? Not the people!

Another Union decreed that that our politicians became the highest paid bunch in the world. This was only addressed in the current recession. However most of the old perks are still there.

Another Union has decided that the Government pensions be set at incredible amounts, especially for ex-Ministers. They also made sure that no matter how much we protest these figures cannot be changed due to some contract law clap trap. Even an ex Minister who served a term in prison is getting a pension of over € 90,000 per annum!


They have no role in Government but their opinions can help sway the outcome of any election. Our recent Presidential election is an example of this. This is not an executive role in Ireland, but the media ran a very bitter campaign.


Who are these guys? They forced Papandreou and Berlusconi out of office. These may have been popular events but they certainly were not democratic! Where will this end? Austerity for all taxpayers everywhere!



While we elect MEPs, they seem to have no say in the functioning of the EU. We have an EU President, Van Rompuy, who is hardly mentioned. Barroso, the Commission President seems to be the boss. Again, hardly democratic!

So, is Ireland a democracy? Is any EU country a democracy?

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An Opportunity or Threat for Printers!

Bob Tallent
The Synergy Group
17th November 2011


Today, the Government announced a new plan for public sector reform. Not before its time, I hear you say. However, believe it or not this offers the print industry an opportunity! Why, because all these plans will create a need for documents to be printed in order to inform staff as well as the public. So maybe you can try to get some of this work? As in all scenarios, opportunities always exist on the other side of the coin. It may be a harsh statement but it’s a fact of life. Have a look at the details-

You can download the public sector reform plan here.  In short, it says:

  • Merging of various government agencies and quangos - rationalise 48 bodies by the end of 2012, with a further 46 to be critically reviewed by June 2012
  • Number of public service employees will be reduced by 23,500 (to 282,000) by 2015 reducing the overall public pay bill by €2.5 billion
  • Decentralisation programme of 2003 to be abolished
  • Proposals for standardising annual leave across the public service has been sent to unions
  • Plan includes 70 recommendations, including setting up shared services in areas such as HR, payroll and pensions. It includes plans for better use of technology to improve services, reform of procurement processes and changes in the way property is managed
  • Reuters news agency says it has obtained documents showing that the Government will increase the top VAT rate by two points to 23% in next month's Budget
  • The Government is committed to making budgetary adjustments of €3.8 billion for next year under its EU/IMF bail-out and Finance Minister Michael Noonan has said he will not reveal the exact measures until he presents the Budget on December 6
  • The Minister also said that the public service reform plans include 70 recommendations and 200 key actions which the government wants taken by the public sector
  • Public Services Card will be developed to ensure that citizens have ease of access to a range of services through multiple channels at the beginning of 2012
  • A commitment to look at a GovStat initiative which will build on the HealthStat initiative and will be aimed at ensuring that citizens can see how well services are being delivered.
  • New single awarding authority for student grants to be set up that will include an online application process for more than 72,000 students
  • Online services like first time voter registration and the rollout of
  • New integrated transport ticketing system has been announced today for the Greater Dublin area (this is separate to the plan)

The plan is focussing on five main commitments:

  1. Placing customer service at the core of everything;
  2. Maximising new and innovative service delivery channels;
  3. Radically reducing costs to drive better value for money;
  4. Leading, organising and working in new ways; and
  5. Strong focus on implementation and delivery.

You are all aware of the business analysis tool called SWOT.  Strengths and weaknesses are under the control of the company whereas opportunities and threats are outside their control.  This new plan could be factored into the business analysis model for printers.  It could provide either opportunities or threats.  Again, as we all know, the astute business person will find a way to turn a threat into an opportunity.

For example, there will be 23,500 fewer people on the public service payroll.  That means the will be less cash in the system for spending.  Or will it?  These people will be voluntary layoffs (in order to keep within the Croke Park Agreement).  So presumably, they will be close to retirement age, therefore they will have public service pensions, therefore there will be cash flowing.  What it also means is that there will be a lot of skilled people available for work – if they want to work.  Therefore those skills may be usable by printers and suppliers, so you may be able use their services and at the same time get the inside track.

All these plans will create a need for documents to be printed in order to inform staff as well as public.  Can you try to get some of that work?  Indeed can you pre-empt some of it and perhaps form a strategic alliance with other printers who have other resources and equipment, so that you can target specific business.

Check out the new public service card, GovStat, Health Stat, proposed new online initiatives, new integrated transport ticketing system, etc.  Can you find opportunities suitable to you?  They are there, you just have to look.

IT & Communications


Landa W10P

Landa Boasts Industry’s Highest Speed Digital Press

For high quality publishing market producing over two million magazine pages per 8-hour shift. Landa has released details about its new Landa W10P Nanographic Printing® Press. The press, developed for high quality publishing applications such as magazines,…

40 Inch Sheetfed Press – That’s Digital!

KBA and Xerox Join Forces to target folding carton market with new digital press. In an interesting development, KBA Sheetfed Solutions, a business unit of the Koenig & Bauer Group (KBA), and Xerox has announced a partnership to develop an industrial digital…
New LUS-350 UV ink is compatible with the Mimaki UJF-7151plus, direct-to-object production flatbed LED UV printer.

New stretchable UV ink from Mimaki brings the benefits of digital printing to vacuum moulded, or thermoformed applications.

Mimaki Stretches Wide Format Solutions A new, stretchable ink is on its way from Mimaki this summer. Suitable for a wide range of thermoforming applications, especially those requiring exceptional hardness and durability such as automotive parts, Mimaki…
Xerox Duplex Travel Scanner with paper

Portable Two Sided Scanning From Xerox

New affordable, lightweight duplex scanner for on-the-go users. A portable scanner which has the ability of scanning two-sided documents in one single pass has now been introduced by Xerox.
Xerox-Brenva-HD-Production Inkjet-Press

Xerox Fills The ‘Zone Of Disruption’

First cut-sheet inkjet press and new continuous feed inkjet platform introduced by Xerox. Based on InfoTrends latest figures, it is expected that by 2019, production colour inkjet print will account for 57 per cent of the total production digital colour page…
Konica Minolta’s ‘gamechanger’

Konica Minolta Giving Shape To Idea’s

Konica Minolta unveils ‘gamechanging’ inkjet textile single-pass printer. Konica Minolta launched what it terms as ‘gamechanging digital technology’ during the recent international machinery exhibition ITMA in Milan, Italy, that includes a flagship inkjet…

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