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Largest producer of weekly magazines in Nordic Region chooses EFI Monarch Productivity Suite.

Steffen Haaga, EFI's director of MIS sales EMEASteffen Haaga, EFI's director of MIS sales EMEAAller Tryk, located in Taastrup, Denmark has decided to automate its entire operation with EFI Monarch Productivity Suite, according to EFI. The company decided on this investment as its strategy going forward was for a powerful system from a reliable company that would be around to support them well into the future.

Aller Tryk currently employs 115 employees churning out three million magazines each week along with a wide variety of catalogues and brochures. It operates out of two plants, one in Denmark and the second in Norway. The company's goal, however, is to consolidate operations moving all production to Denmark, and to rely more on technology to increase productivity while reducing overhead costs, an absolute necessity in a competitive market.

"We've just purchased a new ManRoland press that allows us to produce more than what two of our old presses did. We operate 24/6 so we needed a system that is up to the task and that will also allow us to make our workflow better with end-to-end automation," said John Andreasen, Aller Tryk's chief financial officer.

According to Andreasen the company's previous MIS system was in need of a major update but the company Aller Tryk purchased it from went out of business. "That was the second key factor in our choice of EFI. The company has gained a very positive reputation and we know they will be in business for a long time and that we'll have ongoing support," he said. Andreasen also appreciates EFI's promise of regular synchronised upgrades to every component of their specific certified workflow, as part of the Productivity Suite's delivered value.

He added a third reason for choosing the Productivity Suite with EFI Monarch MIS/ERP at its core. "We included Auto-Count in our Monarch configuration. Because we operate around the clock, the ability to automatically collect up-to-the minute production data including counts, press status, speed and other critical information directly from our equipment is invaluable."

Aller Tryk enjoys a reputation for providing the highest quality printing with the ability to turn projects around with speed and agility. Their most recent investments promise to further support that reputation.

"We are very proud at EFI to be partnering with a reputed partner such as Aller Tryk," said Steffen Haaga, EFI's director of MIS sales EMEA. "Their choosing EFI is testimony to our ongoing investment and our expanding footprint in the European market as the world's number one provider of software solutions in the printing and packaging space."

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