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Economy is gathering pace says finance minister.

revenue revenue Irish tax returns were strong in November providing further evidence that the economy is gathering pace.

Finance minister Michael Noonan is quoted as saying, “we are very pleased with that, because it provides the evidence that underpins all the anecdotes that we hear about the recovery in the economy”.

Noonan’s comments come as Ireland prepares to exit the EU/IMF bailout this month, the first euro zone country to do so.

Although the Irish economy will barely grow in 2013, recent data, particularly the fastest fall in unemployment in four years, all indicate a better outlook for 2014.

The minister’s statement on the results was as follows.

“The November exchequer returns, which include tax receipts from the self-employed, small businesses and corporations, are the single most important month for the exchequer, with one sixth of all taxes collected. The returns are a key indicator of the health of the Irish economy.  The strong performance set out in today’s figures is hard evidence that the recovery seen in the high frequency data is taking hold across the economy.

As we exit the EU/IMF bailout programme on the 15th of December and make a full return to the markets, the fact that the public finance are under control and the tax base is growing builds confidence in Ireland at home and abroad.”

Below is a link to the Analytical Presentation End Nov Exchequer Statement.

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