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The supermarket price war in Ireland is hotting up with the news that Aldi is suing Tesco over alleged trademark infringements.

The case hinges on an in-store campaign by Tesco which involves price comparisons between the two supermarket chains.

Aldi maintain that Tesco are displaying alleged misleading and inaccurate price comparisons of similar products. The final straw in the price war seemingly came when Tesco started to use Aldi trademarks on in-store banners.

The banners have recently been displayed in Tesco stores at Rathmines Road, Jervis Street and Parnell Street in Dublin and at Monastervin Road, Kildare.

A statement attributed to Aldi director Niall O’Connor said:

“The banners featured the Aldi trademarks related to various products without any attempt to use those marks for comparative advertising.”

Aldi’s allegation boils down to the fact that Tesco is not comparing ‘like for like’.

It maintains that the advertisements mistated the sale price of the relevant Aldi product and the Tesco product, and failed to compare the relevant quantity of the Tesco product with the equivalent quantity of the Aldi product.

It appears that Aldi is feeling the immense pressure that the world’s third largest supermarket group can apply when it comes down to price wars.

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