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Free internet to be fitted to Capitals transport system 

Internet access (Wifi) has been available on Irelands Rail intercity services and most of the countries intercity buses for some time now so the news that the capitals DART and commuter trains are to be fitted with Wifi is welcome news.

Dublin Bus is in the process of acquiring 80 new vehicles which will facilitate Wifi access and trials have already taken place on two LUAS trams. It is anticipated that all trams will have Wifi by 2013.

Transport Minister Leo Varadkar is quoted as saying that this will mean that almost the entire public transport system will be fitted with internet facilities over the coming months.

One of the reasons behind the move is to ensure that public transport remains an attractive means of travel for people over the car.

With so many individuals now using smartphones, iPhones and iPads on the move the development is welcome.Additionaly many tourists rely on their smartphones and tablets to access information on places to visit and hotel locations and this new initiative will make life much easier for them.

Varadkar said that for Ireland to compete as a serious tourist destination it must offer 21st century services.

So it looks like rush hour will never be the same again for Dublin’s commuters.

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