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Bizarre twist to the ‘beautiful game’

In a bizarre twist of the ‘beautiful game’, Chelsea who finished sixth in the English premier league, 25 points behind the champions Manchester City, are crowned the best team in Europe after winning the UEFA Champions League Cup by defeating Bayern Munich in Munich on a penalty shoot out.

Bayern_UefaBayern_UefaJust like the climax of the English premier league last week, both teams had their hands on the trophy at different stages of the game. Bayern had by far a tighter grip on it but in the end they let it slip dramatically.

Bayern were the firm favourites with the bookies to win and win comfortably. However Chelsea seemed to have an inner belief as well as a lot of luck.

It was 0-0 at half time in a tense game and an electric atmosphere. After 54 minutes, Bayern had the ball in the net from Ribery but he was offside. Then with only 7 minutes left, Bayern scored through Muller. Chelsea then levelled it in the final minute with a goal from Drogba. 1-1 at full time. There was 30 minutes of extra time to be played.

Four minutes into extra time, there was a penalty to Bayern. Drogba committed a foul on Ribery. Would Drogba now go from hero to villain? Robben’s penalty was saved by Cech and Chelsea were still in it at 1-1.

After a frantic second half of extra time, the game finished 1-1 so there had to be a penalty shoot out. It was very tense and no player likes a penalty shoot out. It would be the best of 5 penalties each and if it was still level, it would be sudden death.

Lahm scores for Bayern. 1-0

Mata’s penalty is saved by Neuer! 1-0 Bayern

Gomez scores. 2-0 to Bayern.

Luiz scores for Chelsea. Now 2-1 Bayern

Neuer (the Bayern goal keeper) scores. 3-1 to Bayern.

Lampard scores for Chelsea. Now 3-2 Bayern.

Olic’s penalty is saved by Cech! The tension was mounting! 3-2 Bayern.

Cole scores for Chelsea. Wow! 3-3.

Schweinsteiger hits the post! Stays 3-3 with advantage to Chelsea.

Drogba hits a great penalty and scores! He has gone back to being the hero. Chelsea win 4-3.

Chelsea have done it. They are champions of Europe for the first time in the club’s history.

Was it a fair result? I think Chelsea played defensive and unattractive football. You have to admire them though as they beat the best that Europe had to offer. This included a fantastic 4-1 win at home against Napoli to go through 5-4 on aggregate. They also beat Benfica and Barcelona so they deserve the crown.

A great achievement.

By Tony Judge

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