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The new GAA President Liam O’Neill has hinted that he would like to see the re-introduction of the controversial ‘sin-bin’ at inter-county level. He was involved in establishing it as an experiment back in 2009 but failed to muster the two-thirds majority needed at the time to make it a permanent rule change.

O’Neill said that he would be putting together a committee to look at and update the 2009 model.

However he stressed that it would be someone else’s job to try and push it through as a rule change.

The Laois official also emphasised that he wanted to see a situation where ‘the person who is wrong pays’.

It’s well known that the new GAA President also has strong beliefs on how the game should be played. O’Neill believes it has become boring with too much defensive play and believes the essence of Gaelic football is physical contact and moving forward.

The problem with that opinion is that physical contact by its very nature will ensure there is wrongdoing on the pitch. To counter this, a strong disciplinary process has to be in place. It’s not at present!


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