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Motivation Lecturer & Mentor

About Hubba Jubba:

Bob Moss has been involved with the educational process for more than 46 years and has influenced class rooms from K-12 to university and community levels. Over the years, Hubba has utilized his classrooms as a laboratory for designing and developing a unique and personalized style for motivating others to accelerate the quality of their physical and personal attitudes.  He is a faculty member emeritus from the University of California San Diego and retired teacher from the San Diego Unified School District, and has currently expanded the limit of his classrooms to the world!

I am very proud and happy to follow up Ellen Neumann’s invite to share a few words on the passions of my life.  I first met her while she and her close friend John Picarello (I was his high school football coach) visited my wife (Edna) and I in White Hall, Arkansas, as they were motoring west to visit Johns’ relatives in Texas.  After visiting with Ellen and then reading her series of passion related articles, I am of the opinion she is (as I am) a creative genius to!  Why do I say this? Because it takes one to know one; that’s why!

Thanks to theBob Hubba Jubba MossBob Hubba Jubba Moss power of our human brain, we have opportunities to explore the vast limits of our creativity.  To do so cost nothing and to activate it, all we need to do is recognize and explore thoughts and ideas our imagination provides us with.  Each day our brain (imagination) supplies us with dozens and dozens of hunches, urges and inspirations with the potential for valued exercises of creativity.  But in most cases, these mind actions are not recognized and/or ignored over and over again.  Creativity avails itself through such notions as an idea to rearrange the living room furniture, to seeking advice for personal issue from a newspaper columnist, to heeding advice from a daily horoscope note, to phone an older friend or relative to check on their wellbeing.  Rather than following through on these conditions, most of us fail to act assuming things will never really change, others will think we are loony or no one really cares anyway.

I must confess my fabled career endeavors (dating back to 1965), teaching effectiveness, personal achievements and inspirational motivation skills have been fueled by understanding, utilizing and improving an appreciation for my creativity skills.  Thanks to a continued allegiance to the creativeness within me, I thrive on receiving feedback from thousands of my former students who have gone on to blaze extremely successful achievements for themselves and those they are able to influence.  I itemize the following list of the passions I pursue from day to day: 1) Creativity is me and you too; 2) Hearty laffter is the best enthusiasm; and 3) I mentor enthusiasm; so can you!  NOTE: The latter is the title of my soon to be published book.

As an example of my most recent act of creative outreach, and to keep in tune with the idea Ellen wanted me to reference is the joy I receive from maintaining contact with three former high school student athletes who enjoyed the enthusiastic nature of my baseball umpiring gestures years ago.  I regularly forward them face book and email materials (i.e. Hubba Jubba stickers, collages and slogans reminding them to always maintain and share “remember - 2 – B – positive” attitudes.   These young men have defied tradition by rising from their baseball field at Morse High School (San Diego) to the major league ball yards in Oakland, Baltimore and Detroit.  It is a well-known fact that professional baseball scouts rarely venture into inner city areas to observe the talent there.  This makes the advancement of these former teammates a remarkable success feat.  Readers, who enjoy baseball or following rare success sagas, go on line to these sites to view the success these outstanding young me are pursuing:  Bruce Billings, Sacramento Rivercats (Oakland A’s highest farm team); Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles (Possible starter in next month’s All Star Game) and Quintin Berry, Detroit Tigers (After less than a month in the major leagues) has stolen 12 out of 12 bases and made outstanding batting and fielding plays.   Of course, rather than spend time sending tidings of enthusiasm to these players, I could merely assume they may not appreciate my gestures, so why should I do anything.   However, as a creative genius and enthusiasm mentor, I know they will be excited to receive positive mementos from Hubba Jubba from time.

So roar into action, tap your imaginative notions, heed your inner commands and put your creative boats to sea!!!

Don’t delay, be sure to start today.  The world is anxiously waiting to meet your creative thoughts and expressions.

By: Bob “Hubba Jubba” Moss

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