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Seven out of every ten consumers choose products laminated with SoFT TOUcH™.

SoFT TOUcH study SoFT TOUcH study Science is the best ally to demonstrate the results of work well done. Derprosa-Ti, the graphic arts brand of group Taghleef Industries has just received confirmation that its SoFT TOUcH™ film is scientifically backed by neuromarketing to be the best type of laminate currently in the market that has an influence on the customer's purchase decision.

A recent study carried out by the company specialising in neuro-scientific analysis Brain House Institute has proven the importance of the laminate when purchasing a certain product. In this regard, the study carried out of the brand SoFT TOUcH™, has demonstrated that seven out of every ten consumers choose products laminated with this film manufactured by Derprosa-Ti.

Moreover, the excellent results of this research coincide in time with the recent decision of the European Patent Office (EPO) of granting all the exclusive rights to manufacture, use and distribute this category of films. Two pieces of good news for the world of brands as they now have a new tool at their disposal with which to increase their turnover through packaging and Graphic Arts.

A categorical conclusion was obtained regarding the evaluation of products laminated with SoFT TOUcH™ and their acceptance and degree of preference among the potential clientele, when conducting a series of tests that involved measuring different psycho physiological variables (brain activity, heart rate, electro dermal response, etc.).

Once the results were analysed, it was proven that the products covered with SoFT TOUcH™ film by Derprosa-Ti are 70 per cent more prone to be chosen by potential customers as they provide 275 per cent more emotional intensity and 247 per cent more positive emotions.

Cubo VIPCubo VIPSoFT TOUcH™ is the result of uncountable hours of research and development to create a unique and exclusive reference product. And although other products have appeared trying to imitate this type of film, none of them have achieved a good functionality.

What makes SoFT TOUcH™ capable of increasing the sales of a specific product? We are referring to a film of extreme quality, total image and colour fidelity, and a superior velvety touch that supports the subsequent printing, causing no damage. It is also highly resistant to scratches and optical properties, with finishes that do not distort the original colours and provide high protection and adhesion to the printed medium.

All these characteristics make this type of laminate be preferred by the major brands and are making Derprosa-Ti grow until doubling its production capacity in 2015.

To have an ally such as SoFT TOUcH™ for any type of product is a milestone for packaging specialists. In a sector that has been so static in recent times, this type of laminate entails a major development that is receiving a great acceptance worldwide. It’s a logical response from a transnationalised market where the customer is limited and increases his level of demand beyond the borders of his country.

The excellent results that this research has proven encourage us to continue working to find innovative solutions as the importance of achieving new further progresses in the field of packaging as strategy for brand growth has been established.

In light of the excellent results achieved up until now, Derprosa-Ti is going to continue its task of innovation and support to the efforts carried out by the brands to increase their sales, boosting their identity, supporting their creativity and reinforcing the emotional bond with the final consumer.

Press release by Advertty on behalf of Derprosa-Ti

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