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Aimed to highlight the impact and power of creative papers to the art, design and marketing communities.

Creative Power 1Creative Power 1Antalis UK has launched a group-wide initiative titled, ‘Creative Power’. The campaign will target artistic directors, brand owners and marketing agencies, who may not naturally consider paper as a key part of the production process.

It has been designed to make them take notice and understand the value this medium can bring to an overall creative concept and make them ‘stand out from the crowd’.

In an increasingly digital world, Antalis believes that choosing the right paper can make all the difference – hence the campaign tagline which encourages these communities to think of “choosing paper as a creative act.”

“Choosing paper should not be an afterthought; it is a creative act in itself,” says Emma Oliver, Creative Papers Product Manager at Antalis UK. “Our Creative Power campaign with tools co-developed with Arjowiggins Creative Papers around the Conqueror, Curious Matter and Sensation brands will give us further opportunities to highlight the power of paper.”

The first piece in the Creative Power campaign jigsaw will see Antalis “inviting itself onto the walls” of designers by creating a series of 12 inspirational idea cards featuring the work of internationally renowned artists, illustrators and photographers and printed on Arjowiggins creative papers.

Creative Power 3Creative Power 3To get its message across, 15,000 cards will be sent to creative, marketing and communications professionals every month featuring different designs and techniques to clearly demonstrate how the right choice of creative paper can inspire and enhance the design and overall presentation of a campaign or artistic project.

The first card will feature the work of French illustrator Nine Antico, created on Curious Matter Adrion Blue with a laser engraving technique. Curious Matter Adrion Blue is a matt paper with an unusual mix of sand and silk, in an intense, vibrant blue. Antalis maintains it is the perfect complements to the work of Antico using laser engraving instead of printing to create a unique and eye-catching effect.

The Antalis Creative Papers initiative combines a range of more than 2,000 products with a range of value added services to help creative professionals choose the right paper for their particular project. These include samples, swatches, trial packs, colour charts, training sessions and dummies.

The diversity of creative papers and multiple techniques such as folding, scoring, laser-cutting and lamination is being highlighted to demonstrate they are the perfect choice to create a broad range of visually stunning applications including invitations, business cards, packaging labels and much more.

Oliver added: “As a paper merchant it is our job to ensure that our customers always find the exact paper they need for their creative ideas. With the Creative Power initiative and in particular the cards campaign, we hope to show creative, marketing and communications professionals that paper can serve and even enhance a concept to give it that extra something to stand out from the competition.”

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